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Loxit Charge Connect 16 - Universal Sync & Charge for 16 USB Devices [6123]

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  • Loxit Charge Connect 16 - Universal Sync & Charge for 16 USB Devices [6123]

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ChargeConnect 16 from Loxit offers cutting edge technology for universal charge and connect/sync up to 16 mobile devices via USB.

Connect to host computer to sync or manage 16 devices at a time.
For example sync 16 iPads simultaneously using iTunes.
To sync or manage all 16 devices simply plug the USB B end of the USB A to B cable provided into the ChargeConnect and the USB A end into your host computer.

ChargeConnect 16 automatically detects the charging profile for each device and delivers the optimum rate of charge for all USB devices simultaneously.

Pick & mix devices for ultimate flexibility.
All iPads iPad mini iTouch iPhones iPods Surface Galaxy Tab Toughpad Nexus Android Tablets Kindle Nook MP3 MP4 Smartphones 3D Glasses Digital Cameras etc. can all be charged at once with universal USB charging.

Free Updates
As new devices are released by manufacturers so their charging profiles may vary.

Simply connect to your PC via the update port and download the latest firmware for free for a futureproof management tool.

Professional grade desktop management tool to charge and sync or manage up to 16 devices at once via USB.

Ideal for use in education health training establishments conferences retail rental and corporate environments.

Used anywhere there is a need to connect to multiple USB devices to manage content and data or upload software. i.e. iPads using iTunes ChargeConnect 16 is perfect.

Set up in iTunes is a simple procedure. Instructions to administer and manage devices in iTunes along with some handy tips are provided in the Instructions link above.

Use iTunes to provide a template of apps video photos data you wish to distribute to each iPad or Apple device.

Once the one time setup is complete connect the USB A to B cable to the Charge Connect 16. iTunes will list all the connected registered devices and begin simultaneously synchronising all data on the 16 devices.

Sync via a USB cable for 16 devices simultaneously is the fastest method of completing the syncing as well as ensuring wireless bandwidth on a network are unaffected.

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Jun 23, 2022

Genuine Canon part easy to install

Genuine Canon part easy to install, fast delivery, got dispatch confirmation, emails replied promptly. Thanks again guys.


14 hours ago

Great purchase of a Sony a77 Focusing…

Great purchase of a Sony a77 Focusing screen. Top quality item at the right price and delivered very quickly.

Robin Phelps

2 days ago

Great customer service

Had an issue with the cable, but customer service immediately reached out to resolve the issue.

Eric Bishop

20 hours ago

Great transaction

Great transaction, competitive price, delivered on time. Very pleased with order. Thank you Neqtiq!

A Roberts

18 hours ago

Excellent service!

Excellent product, excellent price and clear communication. Would recommend!

Martin Smith

19 hours ago

The way its suppose to be...

Well it looks like i'm one of the few lucky costumers that had no issues. Good product and easy fast purchase and delivery!


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